One World United Photos LLC

About Us

We provide solutions to your memory problem that old age ultimately forces upon us all. We will work with you to to make your event the very best. We provide services for events of all sizes. Some of those events include but are not limited to Weddings, Portraits, Sporting Events, Parties, Engagements, and anything that can show the world a different perspective.

Our Vision

A unique look at our world through a lens to help break down the different, the unknown and the unique.

Our Mission

We strive to bring quality photos to your home. Allowing you to have that unique feel of all your own, while helping out the world one penny at a time.

Our Goal

Set a standard for establishing working relationships between profit and non-profit organizations using photography as our medium and you as our inspiration.

Our Objectives

We would like to develop a business model that helps nurture, capture, and build new innovative ways to look at our world through photography.

Our Strategies

Strategy 1: The Peer Program which means supporting other photographers from all walks of life with a spirit of celebrating and promoting that which makes us unique. We would like to provide a forum to sell and promote their photography.

Strategy 2: Support various non-profit organizations by giving a percentage of our profit from a photograph sale back to a non-profit organization. The non-profit organization will have a correlation with the subject of the photography. Each photographer will be able to pick a non profit organization for their photos. Funds will not be donated to the non-profit till approximately $100 dollars have been raised for that particular non-profit.

Strategy 3: Use technology to breech the gaps that geographical separation previously made difficult. Allow people from all walks of life to see and feel what the photographer sees when capturing a shot.

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